Hempelicious Honeynut Bar Mix – Hemp Seed Blend

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 NEW Bar Mixes are dedicated to all you folks who are on the go & need quick 'n easy GOOD for you to EAT foods!  Keep plenty made on hand so you have them available.


Product Description

Hempelicious ™ is right! This hemp seed blended mix is a favorite with kids (and us older folks) who love peanut better! They make a great snack bar to have any time of day (maybe even as a meal). A 36g bar (2″x2″) will provide almost 8g of protein plus lots of Omegas and other vitamins and minerals for a natural energy lift. (If peanut butter is a no-no, keep reading ‘cuz you can modify this to fit your dietary needs.1)

These do not take long to prepare, just a few minutes. In addition to our Hempelicious™ HoneyNut Energy Bar Mix, you will need 1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter (we suggest natural peanut butter with no other added stuff, but any brand will do; so use your favorite kind!) and 1/2 Cup Honey (We think it’s best to buy honey local. The closer the bees are to where you live, the better. Try visiting a Farmer’s Market near you.)

Mix honey & peanut better until well blended*. Add contents of package, stir well. Press into an 8×8 glass pan. NO BAKING REQUIRED! Cut immediately into 16 – 2″ x 2″ bars, (aprox 36g) or any size bar you desire. Place in refrigerator, they will firm up.

As a recipe idea, you can drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top of the bars for a sweet treat.

Hemp Seeds, Non-Fat Powdered Milk, Unsweetened Coconut, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt.

*(if peanut butter is too stiff to stir, place in microwave for few seconds – then add honey to it.)
You can substitute peanut butter with other nut or seed butters. If you use sunflower butter that is sweetened, you may want to reduce honey.

ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains Milk & Coconut

To Your Good Health, Lady Jane



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