Hemp Hearts Hulled Hemp Seeds – 10.6oz

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Product Description

Hemp Hearts Hulled Hemp Seeds by Lady Jane are a delicate, nutty tasting food. A 1-lb bag contains about 15-servings and you really should be eat a serving a day! The seed has been hulled, providing a softer texture.

They can be added to any meal or eaten right from the bag as a snack. Put them raw on salads, fruit, vegetables and yogurt. Add them to soup instead of crackers. Top off your pasta for a burst of protein and omegas. Blend up 3 tablespoons in your smoothie. They have lots Omegas, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals. So if you are looking to improve your diet with maximum nutrition and minimum consumption, Lady Jane’s Hemp Hearts are for you (actually they are for everyone!).

Refrigeration recommended (not required) to maintain ultimate freshness.



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