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The Aspire CF Sub Ohm is a fantastic build for anyone serious about getting the most out of their vaporizer. We find this product greatly enhances the flavor and efficacy of our CBD vape oils —and lasts much longer than the cheaper models.

This Aspire E Cig is simply the strongest, most reliable model we’ve ever had the pleasure of testing with our vape oils. The base of this Atlantis Tank allows you to adjust the air flow, so whether you love minimal vape clouds or crazy huge ones, this model has you covered. With this vaporizer, we found our flavors to be even tastier and offered us more relaxation. If you opt to include a 5ml or 10ml Alternate Vape into your kit, you will not be disappointed. The vape is a blissful mix of CBD and terpenes. Until you know how CBD vape oil will effect you, we recommend first trying it before bed.


CF Sub Ohm Battery Specs

Ω Capacity: 2000mAh
Ω Maximum Current: 40A
Ω Compatible With: 0.3-1.0 ohm
Ω Output Voltage: 4.2V

This CF SUB Ohm mod is made of stainless steel and coated in black carbon fibre along the tube. The battery end measures 22mm thick and 114.5mm tall.

The Sub Ohm’s 510 connector ensures that the battery and tank have a secure connection, great for preventing leaks. It also contains ego threading, so you can use your clearomizers and tanks.

On/Off Function: To turn off (or “lock”) the battery, press the stainless steel button 5 times in quick succession. You’ll know it’s turning off by the LED lights, which will flash three times. To turn on, you will repeat this same procedure. Alternatively, if you press the button once while on, the LED light will blink once to show the charge level. Blue is fully charged, an orangey red is a medium charge, and red means it’s time to recharge.

Recharging: Unscrew the tank from the battery. Attach the battery to the charger and plug into a USB port. This Aspire E Cig has overcharge and overdischarge protection, so you can feel comfortable leaving it plugged in.

Refilling: Fill around the sides of the glass tube, avoiding getting oil in the center part. After filling, re-attached the tank to the battery. Find a sturdy surface to leave your vaporizer standing upright for about 5 minutes so the oil can soak into the coil. Using the vaporizing immediately (not waiting 5 minutes) may cause damage to the coil. Please be careful when twisting the pyrex glass tank so as not to crack it. This kit does come with a replacement glass tube, but we’d prefer to see you use it by other means!

Adjustable Air Flow

The base (pictured on the left) has an airflow setting that can be adjusted by twisting right or left. There are 4 settings, which click into place as you turn it. The widest (as is pictured) opens the Aspire e cig for maximum air flow, allowing you to produce large vape clouds. Although vape clouds can be fun, we recommend keeping it at the first or second setting to conserve your vape oil. But feel free to experiment with it to find what you like best.

Atlantis Tank Specs

Ω 2.5ml capacity
Ω Made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel
Ω 0.5ohm (20-30W) available resistance
Ω Replaceable
Ω Designed for great, adjustable airflow

This Aspire E Cig Kit Includes

Ω 1 complete Atlantis Tank
Ω 1 CF Sub Ohm Battery
Ω 1 charger
Ω 1 replacement PYREX Glass Tube
Ω 1 replacement atomizer (coil)
Ω 5ml or 10ml of Alternate Vape

Alternate Vape is a CBD-infused oil for vaporizers that harnesses the synergistic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and a proprietary blend of terpenes. If you’ve tried any of our CBD vapes before, you’re in for a real treat with its enhanced flavor and benefit when used with this Aspire E Cig.

Additional Information

Vape Flavor

Vaporizer Only, 7 Citrus Blend, Apple Pie, Black & Blue, Island Joy, Just Peachy, Mandarin Paradise, Morning Dew, Raspberry, Strawberry Dream

Vape Size

Vaporizer Only, 5ml (25mg CBD), 10ml (50mg CBD)



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