2x Empty Vape Cartridge (Compatible with BUD Touch)

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Product Description

These empty vape cartridges are compatible with our BUD Touch vaporizers. Includes two empty cartridges and 2 refill funnels.

When you buy a vaporizer, it’s important to understand that the cartridge (or atomizer) will eventually need to be replaced. Some more often than others. If you keep re-using the same old vape cartridge, the quality and efficacy of your oils will degrade until it’s replaced. In the case of our BUD Touch -a great kit for beginners who don’t want to invest too much right away- it’s recommended to replace the cartridge after one or two uses.

Refill Funnel for Your Vape Cartridge

Each atomizer comes with a refill funnel. These can be placed into the empty atomizer to easily fill the cartridge with your vape oil.
Although our Tasty Vape oils are now designed to easily refill small atomizers without the need for funnels, these are perfect if you wish to add other vape oils with larger tips.

To use the funnel, and to refill the cartridge in general, you will need to remove the mouthpieces, then the blue rubber stopper underneath. Now insert the funnel (if needed) and carefully pour in your selected vape oil. Unlike larger vape pens, you do not need to worry about avoiding a certain spot in the tank. When you’re done, return the rubber stopper into the hole and re-attach the mouthpiece. You may choose to clean the refill funnel and keep it for later use. Let the oil sit in the tank for a few minutes before your first use.


• Compatible with most 510 vaporizers, including the BUD Touch
• Great value
• Perfect for our CBD vape oils



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