CBD based products for Depression

Many people deal with depression. The feeling of hopelessness and lack of energy can make life lackluster.

What can be even more difficult is that the medication available by prescription can have extreme side effects and not be very effective on the depression.

Luckily, we live in a time when we are exploring the cannabis plant and the many uses for it. One of which is CBD oil.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is one of the seventy active elements that are available from the non-psychedelic hemp plant.

Some of the benefits of CBD compared to prescription drugs are:

  1. CBD has no side effects. All of the studies that have been done show that there are no short-term side effects and there is no indication that there are any long-term side effects. This is in contract to the ‘traditional’ anti-depressants that have significant side effects.
  2. CBD works quickly. Regular antidepressants can take weeks to take effect whereas CBD oil can work in minutes and will have full effect after only a few days of regular usage.
  3. Pharmaceutical anti-depressants have to be taken on a very specific schedule. CBD doesn’t have a specific schedule, you can take it any time you feel like you need, and there is no record or indication that it is possible to take too much.

If you are currently on prescribed antidepressants, make sure to talk to your doctor before you stop taking that medication and start taking CBD oil. You may get some pushback from your doctor, not everyone is excited by this development, but if this feels right for you, they shouldn’t have a medical reason to suggest against it.

Each state has different laws regarding CBD oil, so your doctor will also be able to get you the information for your exact situation.

Do you or someone you know use CBD oil for depression? If so, please share below. We would love to help their story.





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