CBD based Products for Alternative Medicinal Purpose

Cannabis has a long-held a social stigma attached to it. Only recently has the scientific community and public opinion become friendlier to the notion that cannabis can have positive uses. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid closely related to THC but does not contain the psychoactive effects that THC has (CBD does not affect brain function). CBD has been found to have the most medicinal uses among all cannabinoids, effective in treating conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, nausea, alcoholism, arthritis, cancer, and is showing promise as a treatment for dementia. CBD oil has a multitude of benefits: it’s a pain killer, anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.

There are a variety of CBD products. You can find a myriad of medical CBD products online. From hemp oil products and hemp oil, to CBD extract, to oral capsules and even CBD suppositories, there are several forms of consumption of medical CBD products depending on your particular preference or condition.
CBD study and practice is still relatively in its infancy. But it is quickly gaining ground as an alternative medicine to traditional medicines and is even being touted as a viable alternative treatment for cancer. Only time and a little more research will truly prove whether this newly discovered substance can be a real substitute for serious illnesses such as cancer, but early findings show great promise.
CBD products have even broken into an unexpected market: CBD products for pets. A site which offers such CBD products for pets, is treatibles.com, who say their products “are super food wellness treats infused with a proprietary blend of CBD & other non psychoactive cannabinoids derived from hemp grown for medicinal purposes.” We certainly have come a long way in regards to cannabis – originally demonized as a gateway drug for many decades to now being considered as a wellness treat for pets. Veterinarians have even gotten in on the action and there are a variety of available CBD oils for vets
As marijuana and cannabis becomes more prominent to the general public and people realize it as a mostly harmless drug that even has positive benefits, the market for CBD oil will only continue to increase and the variety of its products will remain on the rise. CBD oil can be used for so many applications that it seems almost endless. One thing is for sure: CBD oils are here to stay and they are not going away anytime soon.



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